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2015 Summer Intellectual Property

IP Summer Institutes
Intellectual Property Summer Institute: May 26, 2015 - June 19, 2015 (possible exams on June 20, 2015)
Advanced Patent Institute: May 26, 2015 - June 12, 2015


2015 Summer Clinic Programs

Clinic programs are for UNH Law IL, 2L, and LLM, and Master students.


UNH School of Law, a leader in Intellectual Property education in the United States, is offering the Intellectual Property Summer Institute and Advanced Patent Law Institute in the summer of 2015.

UNH Law is an American Bar Association credited law school and both programs are open to all law students, graduate students, and legal professionals (though some courses do have pre-requisites).

The course offerings are the most comprehensive of all such programs and are taught by seasoned faculty with a wealth of experience. Students attending the summer program can earn up to four credits in a four-week span.


Have you thought about taking a clinic during the summer? This is what we are offering for the 2015 summer 10-week term.