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International Students - Academic Information


The 2014-2015 Academic Calendar lets you know what happens when.


Degree information and requirements

Full-time studies

International students are required by immigration law to maintain full-time studies. If you have a question about full-time studies, please speak with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs or the International Student Advisor.


A syllabus describing the course is handed out on the first day of class by the professor. The syllabus lists the assignments due for each class, grading policy and the professor's expectations for each course. Read it carefully, and follow it closely.


Textbooks, study aids, and other educational materials may be purchased through the UNH Law Online Bookstore

Student Handbook

In the Student Handbook you will find Academic Rules and Regulations that govern the academic functions of UNH Law and a Conduct Code that all members of the community are expected to abide by.


Course Descriptions will be useful as you are planning your classes each semester.

Connecting to the school's community

Finally, your education at UNH School of Law includes participation in extra-curricular activities. Student Organizations are a great way to get involved in the UNH Law community and make friendships that will last far beyond your time in Concord!  

Additionally, The Office of International Students & Scholars at our UNH main campus in Durham, NH offers trips and events. Consider attending one of their activities to get connected with the Durham campus!