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Wellness Initiative

In 2010, the UNH School of Law Student Bar Association developed and funded a pilot program called the Student Wellness Initiative. Based on positive student and staff feedback, we plan to expand the Wellness Initiative program to offer students a broader range of opportunities to learn to support their own physical and mental health. Presenters are local wellness professionals who can offer ongoing support to students in the community, as well as local health and wellness educators affiliated with the University of New Hampshire and the Community College system of New Hampshire, including New Hampshire Technical Institute’s Department of Human Service and Addiction Counseling.

Law school is very demanding, so many of the workshops and events focus on stress management and "chilling out". We hope to hold weekly yoga classes and workshops presented by community members. We have recently instituted RECESS: A Break from the Mondays in collaboration with the Assistant Dean of Students' Office, in which all members of the UNH Law community take a break, catch up with friends and peers, and enjoy a snack. Other events include visits from Therapy Dogs, a spring softball game and BBQ, and walking meditations.

Student Wellness Initiative Coordinator Amy Abeloff '15 is happy to entertain any suggestions or answer questions you may have about the Initiative and what it can provide. Please feel free to contact her at

Also, feel free to contact us via the student organization email,