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UNH Law Registrar - Parking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are the “Law School parking lots?”

The Law School parking lots subject to permit-only parking are:

Lot 1 – the upper parking lot, accessible from one of two driveways on Washington Street. There are 60 available spaces (7 additional spaces are rented to the Washington Street Café and are not available for Law School parking).

Lot 2 – the lower parking lot (behind lot 1). Access to this lot is on Rumford Street. The lot has 62 available spaces.

10 White – the small lot in front of the yellow building at 10 White Street. Access is on White Street. Ten (10) spaces, excluding the disability-permitted and “Employee of the Quarter” space, are available.


Are all spaces in campus lots subject to permitting?

Certain spaces are reserved for special use and are not subject to permitting. A permit is not required to park in any handicap permitted space, or for the “Employee of the Quarter” space in 10 White. All such spaces are appropriately marked.

What about the row of spaces along the library wall on Blanchard?

These spaces are owned by the City, so we cannot reserve any of them or require a permit.

I want to loan my permit to someone else. What do I need to do?

Simply hand the permit to him/her, with instructions on its proper use and display. You remain responsible for activities involving the vehicle, including the requirement that the permit is properly displayed. PLEASE DO NOT ask a staff member to handle your permit-lending transaction.

I have a permit, but can’t find an available space. Where do I park?

Your permit allows you to park in designated lots without the risk of towing, but it is not a guarantee that a space will be available to you at all times. If you cannot find a space, you should look for a City/Street space. DO NOT PARK in the City lot on White Street reserved for park users, or you risk being towed by City towing operators!

I don’t want a permit. Where do I park?

UNH Law community members who don’t want a permit can park in any space designated for parking by the City of Concord. DO NOT PARK in the City lot on White Street reserved for park users, or you risk being towed by City towing operators!

There’s a car in a School lot with no permit! What do I do?

Cars without a permit are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 603-513-5197 to report the vehicle. Please be prepared to provide the usual information – vehicle make, model and color, license tag number and state of issue, and its approximate location.

How do I get a permit?

Parking Permit Application (PDF format)