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Admitted JD Students - How to Pay Your Deposit

Student Payment Options

In order to secure your seat in the 2016 entering class, you are required to submit two nonrefundable tuition deposits. Your tuition deposits are due as follows: $500 on or before May 1; $250 on or before June 1.

To pay your deposit

  1. Online:
  2. In person by check or cash in the Admissions Office.

    Please make checks or money orders payable to the University of New Hampshire School of Law and include your student ID number on the face of the check.
  3. By mail to the following address:

    UNH School of Law
    Admissions Office
    2 White Street
    Concord, NH 03301


Please contact the UNH Law Admissions Office by phone at (603) 513-5300.

Note: Registration holds cannot be removed, or records released, until your payment is actually received and posted to your student account so please allow yourself enough time and pay early. A charge of $30 will be assessed for all checks returned by the bank and a hold will be placed on all student records, including transcripts, diplomas, and future registrations until your account is cleared. In addition, your option of paying by personal check in the future may be withdrawn.