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Scherr, Buzz

Albert E. (Buzz) Scherr, JD

Professor of Law
Chair, International Criminal Law and Justice Programs
Faculty Director, Online Learning Initiatives

Professor Scherr has been a UNH Law faculty member for twenty years.  He is the chair of the law school’s International Criminal Law and Justice Program and Faculty Coordinator for the law school’s Online Initiatives. 

Prior to his teaching career, Professor Scherr practiced for thirteen years in the U.S. Criminal Justice system as a trial and appellate lawyer. 

He was the director of the UNH Law/UNH rule-of-law partnership with Vologda State Pedagogical University in Vologda, Russia from 2000-2004 and has lectured in Armenia and in Morocco. 

He was a member of the American Civil Liberties Union national board of directors for 6 1/2 years and was the co-founder of Dartmouth College’s Genetics, Law & Ethics training program for undergraduate faculty, sponsored by a sequence of three NIH grants from 1997-2006.


Devon Chaffee, JD

Adjunct Professor, Pirarcy and Terrorism

Professor Chaffee has worked as a legislative counsel for the national ACLU, lobbying the White House, State Department, the Department of Defense on a variety of civil liberties issues including human trafficking and torture. 

She also has worked as advocacy counsel at Human Rights First, a major international human rights, NGO, working on national security issues, “enhanced” interrogation etc.  She coordinated a group of 50 retired military leaders in a successful campaign to end U.S. torture. 

She has appeared on the BBC, NPR & C-SPAN and in the New York Times, The Guardian, the LA Times, AP and Reuters

She is a magma cum laude graduate of Georgetown Law School and Chair, of the ABA’s sub-committee on National Security and Civil Liberties.


Harrison, Keith

Keith M. Harrison, JD

Professor of Law

Professor Harrison began his career as a judge advocate in the U.S. Coast Guard and he now teaches and researches in the areas of Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Crimes and International White-Collar Crime.

Professor Harrison takes a sincere interest in supporting students’ goals and on several occasions, has worked with them to submit amicus curiae briefs to various courts.


Philip L. Reichel, PhD.

Philip L. Reichel, PhD.

Adjunct Professor

Professor Reichel is an internationally recognized scholar of international criminal law. 

He has written leading texts in Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Transnational Law and Human Trafficking; served as a US Department of Justice consultant on transnational crime and lectured internationally in China, Austria and Poland, among others. 

He brings the skill and experience of years of online teaching at the graduate level to the program.


Audrey Roofeh

Audrey Roofeh

Adjunct Professor, Human Trafficking

Audrey Roofeh is the Director of Training and Technical Assistance at Polaris, a leading non-profit organization committed to the eradication of human trafficking.

At Polaris, Audrey leads a team that provides strategic trainings and technical assistance to organizations and agencies, as well as creating materials and resources to build capacity to address human trafficking at the institutional level.

Zago, Susan

Susan Drisko Zago

Associate Professor of Law
Director of the Law Library

Professor Zago has rich experience teaching and mentoring students, in particular with research—an enormous value added for all ICLJ students.

Professor Zago was previously the Associate Director of the Northeastern University School of Law in Boston and prior to that post served as the Head of Reader Services and Reference/Electronic Services Librarian.