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Multimedia - Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is when two or more people engage in a video/audio conversation or presentation over an internet connection using either a computer program or hardware designed solely for videoconferencing.

This is helpful for situations where one or more individuals can not make it to a meeting due to distance, time, or budget constraints, or for the sheer convenience of being able to just turn on the conference software to contact anyone in the world.

Option 1:

UNH Law has a high-definition, professional video conference system (Tandberg C60). It can be used to contact systems either across the state or across the world. Use of this system requires the other side to have similar style equipment and testing to happen at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting/class due to the complexity of the system. Please contact A. J. Kierstead to discuss using this system.

Option 2:

Skype is free and requires only a free Skype account, a webcam, and a computer. Visit for more information. Webcams can be set up on tripods for classroom presentations. Minimum 48 hours notice required and first-come, first-served.

Contact us

Adam "A. J." Kierstead, Computer Services Technician and Media Producer
(603) 513-5127