University of New Hampshire

School of Law

School of Law

Multimedia - AV Services and Equipment

We are here to provide technical support and training to faculty, staff, and students on all types of audio and video equipment and various multimedia services. 

By keeping up with new innovations in the audio/video field, we are able to to provide demonstrations and services with the most up-to-date technology.

Services Offered

  • Videoconferencing, including Skype and professional HD conferencing
  • Video production services
  • Phone conference call-in numbers (UNH Law account number required)
  • Repair of campus equipment, ranging from projector lamp replacements to major repairs
  • Installation of multimedia equipment in permanent, and non-permanent locations
  • Duplication and conversion of noncopyrighted audio/video, TV recordings (for UNH Law use only), and data. The following media formats are accepted: DVD, Dual Layer DVD, CD, miniDV, HDV, VHS, and digital files. This service is on a first-come, first-served basis, as time allows. Minimum 24 hours notice required (longer depending on media requested and current workload).
  • Training and demonstrations on new and old equipment, from classroom technology to equipment you can sign out, as well as assistance with multimedia content and how it can be used in the classroom and on the web.
  • Borrowing of audio/video equipment for recording, presenting, and editing.

More equipment and services are available. Please visit the Information Technology office on the third floor or contact A. J. Kierstead for more information.

Adam "A. J." Kierstead
Computer Services Technician and Media Producer
(603) 513-5127