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Who We Are: Building International Teams Solving Complex Problems

The International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI) is a capacity building resource developed at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. ITTI is professionally staffed by intellectual property (IP) law faculty, technology transfer experts, law students and an international pool of experienced alumni located in countries across the globe.


Horses as Sources of Proprietary Information: Commercialization, Conservation, and Compensation Pursuant to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Haley McClory, JD '15, and Stanley P. Kowalski
University of New Hampshire School of Law, International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI)

The Journal of Agrobiotechnoogy Managment & Economics

Volume 17, Number 2, Article 5


UNH Law Professors, Alumni Travel to Armenia to Aid IP Development Efforts

Expanding UNH Law’s Global Network: International Technology Transfer Institute in the Philippines

Professor Selected to Train Scientists, Educators in IP Management

Stan Kowalski Shares His Innovation Expertise in South Africa

UNH Law's International Technology Transfer Institute Advancing Innovation in Argentina

UNH Law's International Technology Transfer Institute at Work in Africa, Asia, South America

Dr. Kowalski with students at the Prince Edward School, a public school for boys in Harare, Zimbabwe (standing beside Dr. Kowalski is Aleck Ncube, former UNH-Law Fulbright Scholar).

UNH Law Awarded at Association of University Technology Managers Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada

Students Present Research to World Health Organization, WTO, WIPO in Geneva

What We Do : Increasing Technology Transfer Capacity

The ITTI mission is to help improve the marketplace distribution of technology in countries with low market flow. ITTI focuses on helping academic and governmental research organizations build TTO intermediaries to manage both the acquisition of proprietary knowledge to augment technology development and the transfer of new technologies to the marketplace once they are developed. Providing the education and training necessary to build TTO intermediaries is a major part of ITTI’s program.

What We Do: Patent Landscape Analyses

Patent landscape analyses identify patent literature (both patents and patent applications) that might be relevant to a particular biotechnological application, whether in agriculture or in health, and whether single component or complex construct. ITTI, as a pioneer in patent landscape analyses for developing countries, explores and maps new frontiers. ITTI provides a better understanding of the patent landscape in developing countries for innovative advances in health and agriculture.

Conventional analysis routinely addresses patent constraints that arise in developed countries, such as the United States, the European Union and Japan. However, for developing countries such conventional techniques are insufficient.

How We Can Help

ITTI individualizes its activities to meet the needs of its clients. Among these activities are:

  • providing educational materials for academic and governmental research faculty, administrators and decision-makers
  • policy building
  • on-the-ground advisories and seminars on IP and technology transfer
  • in-house educational and training programs
  • in country regulatory and legal reviews to promote the utilization and transfer of technology
  • building operational technology transfer structures (TTOs)
  • white papers
  • publications in both the legal and scientific literature