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Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) helps ensure that law school graduates with a commitment to public service financially will be able to pursue their chosen career paths, despite relatively low salaries and high student loan obligations.

LRAP funding is available for JD graduates who are practicing law full time in a qualified public interest job. There is a salary cap commensurate with entry-level public/government service jobs. Reimbursement is limited to five years and will not exceed 50% of the annual consolidated federal loan payments for the University of New Hampshire School of Law graduate, if they remain in qualifying public interest employment.

The University of New Hampshire School of Law and the Rudman Center are committed to ensuring that the Loan Repayment Assistance Fund remains a reliable resource for graduates who choose careers serving the public interest. UNH School of Law contributes to the fund annually, and actively seeks donations for the program.

To learn about eligibility requirements, loans covered, and how awards are calculated, see the application procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I be eligible for LRAP assistance other than, or in addition to, UNH School of Law's LRAP? What other LRAP Programs are there? How can I find out about others?

There is no prohibition in the UNH School of Law's LRAP regarding the receipt of other assistance. Some employers and states, as well as the federal government, offer debt assistance to attorneys in certain public interest areas. Further information can be found at

Are judicial clerkships eligible?

Judicial Clerkships are not currently eligible.

Does everyone who is eligible receive funds?

Loan repayment assistance is not guaranteed for any JD graduates. Selection of the recipients and the amount of the awards depend on the availability of funds.

Who decides whether I will receive assistance?

The UNH School of Law's LRAP Committee, which is appointed annually by the Dean.

How many years am I eligible for assistance through LRAP?

Funds are made available to qualified applicants during the first five years after graduation from UNH School of Law. The time period is tolled during a judicial clerkship. e.g., if you serve as a judicial law clerk after graduation for one year, the 5 year period will begin the year after your clerkship.

Do I have to file a new application each year I need assistance?


Can I apply for loan repayment assistance retroactively?

Retroactive applications are not accepted.

Still have questions? Please contact:

Eleanor MacLellan
Assistant Dean of Career Services

More information about the John R. Justice Program, Civil Legal Assistance Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program (CLAAP) and loan repayment assistance programs, including state, federal and employer programs, can be obtained at