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Exit Counseling Requirements

Federal Regulations require that all students who receive Federal Student Loans while attending the University of New Hampshire School of Law must complete the appropriate online Exit Counseling for Stafford, Graduate Plus and, if applicable, Perkins loans. Exit counseling(s)  can be done online at:

No diploma will be released until all appropriate Exits are completed. The deadline for this will be relayed to all graduating students via email, but students may complete the Exits at any time in the last semester.

The Financial Aid Office does its best to advise students on general questions concerning their student loans; however, it is advisable, if at all possible, to meet with a financial planner to discuss your short and long terms goals to determine the best repayment option for your student loans.

Some points to consider when looking at the best repayment options for you:

  • What is your total debt?
  • What are the Terms and Conditions of your loan(s)?
  • Who are you making student loan payments to?
  • Is all your loan information stored in one safe place? Is it easily accessible?
  • Would you qualify for Loan Repayment Assistance through the University of New Hampshire School of Law?
  • How do you apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program?
  • Are there any incentives offered by your lender when you enter repayment?
  • Is consolidation right for you?
  • What are some good debt management strategies?
  • Options to prepay or pay on a shorter schedule?
  • Are their forbearance or deferment options available?