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School of Law

Financial Aid – Teaching/Research Assistant Policy

Teaching Assistants

Individual TAs usually work from 10 to 15 hours per week and are not permitted to work in excess of 20 hours per week, except during breaks, when students may work 37.5 hours.

All requests for Federal Work Study funding originate with the supervising faculty member, subject to the approval and processing by the Financial Aid Office.

The total number of hours per week each TA will be expected to work is determined by the instructor (within the weekly limits noted above) and will be communicated to the student in a written job description prepared by the faculty member. A copy of that written job description shall be sent to the Director of Financial Aid at the same time that it is given to the student.

Research Assistants

A faculty member may have a research assistant only with the written permission of the dean and only in response to a written request from the faculty member to the dean. The faculty member's written request should specify the scope and goal of the research and the expected date of completion of a publishable work product. The written request should also indicate whether the faculty member has had a research assistant in the past and how that research assistant was used.

The desired number of hours per week and term of employment (fall, spring or summer) should be contained in the faculty member's written request to the dean for an RA.

The number of hours of work per week (not to exceed 20) and the hourly pay rate for an RA is to be determined by the dean. Unless expressly permitted by the dean, an RA may not be used to perform duties normally carried out by a TA.

Any RAs hired other than as noted above, will be paid from the individual faculty member's budgeted account.