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Legal Career Paths – Job Resources

The Career Services Office's mission is to help students with their search for a fulfilling career. Because there are so many different types of legal jobs, we will help you find the one that is the right fit for you. This search can begin before you start law school. We are happy to speak with prospective students about law school and careers for lawyers.

Finding the right fit is a process that is ongoing throughout your law school career. As students gain more hands-on experience, they are better able to define which areas of practice are of interest to them. Frequently, this insight changes the original course of their job search and provides them with valuable information in finding the job that is the right one for them. The Career Services staff is here to help guide students on that new path, or redefine the old one.

Individual Attention

Staff members are available to meet with students for individual counseling. Every person comes to law school with different skills, education, experience and goals. Individual career counseling allows a staff member to work with the student to form a job search plan that best uses the student's qualifications and meets the student's goals. A counseling session may also be used to review resumes and cover letters, strategize about summer and full time jobs and brainstorm on developing contacts and building the student's network.

Contact Mary Anne Aspell at (603) 513-5182 or to schedule an appointment with any of the career counselors.

Workshops and Programs

The Career Services Office presents over 30 programs and workshops during the academic year. Topics include writing an effective cover letter and resume, meeting informally with practicing attorneys and learning how to fill out a bar application.

Opportunities for Legal Experience

UNH Law teaches its students substantive law, but it also goes a step further in offering numerous opportunities for students to gain practical skills. Many of our students take advantage of the clinical opportunities available as well as UNH Law's externship program, which allows students to earn credit by working with lawyers in a variety of legal settings. Learn more about the externship program.

On–Campus Interview Program

Throughout the year, employers come on campus to interview students. While the majority of the employers who interview are private law firms, government agencies and corporations also participate. During the fall of 2006, 30 employers conducted more than 188 interviews.

Lifetime Service

Because the process of finding meaningful work is often a lifetime endeavor, our commitment to UNH Law students does not end at graduation. We continue to work on an individual basis with any graduate who needs help with their job search.


As a member of the National Association of Law Placement, we are able to request reciprocity to other law schools, which provides reasonable access to their career resources, such as job postings. To request reciprocity, please email

The University of New Hampshire School of Law's Reciprocity Policy

Resume and Cover Letter Review

We are available to review your resume and cover letter and provide helpful suggestions. Please email to take advantage of this service.