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Corporate attorneys negotiate, draft and review contracts, counsel clients, and prepare legal documents for business mergers and acquisitions. Often these attorneys are involved with issues in the areas of labor and employment, insurance and occasionally intellectual property.

Examples of where alumni work: Corporations, private law firms, government


Immigration attorneys focus on providing services to people seeking assistance with refugee, asylum, deportation and legalization issues.

Examples of where alumni work: Private law firms, nonprofit organizations, government agencies


Some of the main areas that comprise an international practice include mergers and acquisitions, securities and commercial lending transactions, joint ventures, trade, tax, representation of foreign governments, litigation and international real estate matters.

Examples of where alumni work: Private law firms


A career in the patent field typically involves prosecuting or litigating patents, licensing, infringement litigation and drafting validity opinions. This type of practice requires a degree in science or engineering. A patent attorney must pass both a state bar exam and the Patent Bar as tested by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Examples of where alumni work: Law firms, corporations, universities, government

Public interest

Public interest attorneys help indigent or underrepresented groups in areas such as criminal and civil matters.

Examples of where alumni work: Public defender offices, legal aid, non–profits, disability rights organizations, government agencies


This area focuses on the federal and state regulation of the purchase and sale of securities, including stocks, notes, bonds and investment contracts.

Examples of where alumni work: SEC, local securities bureaus


The trademark/copyright area involves trademark/copyright protection with includes challenges to unfair competitive practices, trademark infringement and trade secrets.

Examples of where alumni work: Private law firms, government agencies, corporations

Wills, trusts and estates

The main goal for these attorneys is to ensure that the client's intentions with respect to the distribution of his or her assets will be carried out as the client wishes. Most of this work involves drafting a will and can include trusts, powers of attorney and guardianship.

Examples of where alumni work: Private law firms