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Purchasing procedures have changed and we are required to follow USNH and UNH policies and procedures.  Click here for more information.

Here are the steps:

  1. Use the attached checklist to determine if a purchase order is necessary.
  2. USNH Purchasing must obtain competitive pricing for the purchase of goods or services $35,000 or over through a formal bid process, unless the purchase is covered by the following types of existing contracts.
  3. If it is below the bid limit then complete the attached checklist and return to Sarah Reynolds.  Include any quotes you have.  She will begin the process of initiating the purchase order through USNH Purchasing.

Purchasing Cards (P-Card) & Check Requests

The USNH PCard is a Master Card Commercial Card which can be used for high volume, low dollar purchases. The purpose of the PCard is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of making high volume, low dollar purchases.

The PCard reduces the time between identifying a need and delivery of the goods.  Cardholders have direct contact with the supplier in placing orders. 

If your job responsibilities merit the use of a PCard then please be sure you  understand the USNH Purchasing Card Guidelines and the USNH Travel Policy in advance of submitting your request.

To request a PCard you must complete the Purchase Card Request Form and return it to the Business Office with your supervisor’s approval.

Check Requests