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Building knowledge and skills outside of the traditional classroom is a vitally important part of the legal education at UNH Law. A hallmark of our commitment to experiential learning is the legal residency. Formerly referred to as externships, our legal residency program offers a wide range of individually tailored placements that break down the walls between the classroom and the workplace.

Our legal residency program provides students with opportunities to earn academic credit while developing legal and professional skills under the close supervision of experienced attorneys and judges. Each year, UNH Law places students in diverse settings, including government agencies, law firms, judicial chambers, nonprofit organizations, and corporations.

Rebecca Shaw JD '13 on a success full externship in United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico"While [on my legal residency], I strengthened my legal writing skills by drafting opinions and orders under the clerks' and judge's supervision. Moreover, I had the opportunity to pull back the curtain and see what happens in chambers. One of the most valuable things I have taken away from this placement is understanding what the court wants and needs from attorneys when they file motions and complaints in a civil case."

Rebecca Shaw, JD 2013
placed at the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico

The legal residency faculty work with students to help secure placements that advance each student's knowledge and skills in practice areas of interest. The legal residency faculty carefully select supervisors based on their experience and interest in mentoring developing legal professionals and works to structure placements to advance the breadth and depth of assignments, and to ensure feedback.

Our legal residency program provides valuable experience for the vast majority of our students. In fact, 80% of the class of 2012 completed a legal residency, and nearly 30% of those students completed more than one residency placement.

Justin Clark JD '12 on a successful externship at Levine & Blit, PLLC, a litigation firm located in the Empire State Building. After his externship he was hired as an associate."Before this [legal residency], I had very little experience interacting in a meaningful way with clients and others in the litigation process; however, this placement has let me develop these skills and realize that I am very much capable to practice law and be an excellent counselor for clients."

Justin Clark, JD 2012
Placed at Levine & Blit, PLLC, a litigation firm located in the Empire State Building – after his legal residency, he was hired as an associate.

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