University of New Hampshire

School of Law

School of Law

Statement of Values


The University of New Hampshire School of Law seeks to excel in all it undertakes and to inspire its students to excel in their pursuit of educations and careers.

Public Service

UNH Law recognizes its obligation to its community and the greater public. It strives to improve the lives of people and encourages its students to do the same.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Franklin Pierce Law Center, now the University of New Hampshire School of Law, was founded in the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. It supports and promotes creativity and the exploration of innovative solutions. It is receptive to change and views challenges as growth opportunities.


UNH Law believes that its mission to deliver legal education creates an obligation to adhere to the highest ethical standards. These standards apply equally to its administrative/financial affairs and in all dealings with students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.


UNH Law leads by empowering its community and others to act and think in ways that will get the job done, consistent with proper governance and mindful of the needs of all.

Teaching and Scholarship

UNH Law believes in a healthy blending of practical application and scholarship. It defines scholarship broadly to include articles about law for a non-legal audience, legislative drafting, technology and internet-based knowledge forums and other opportunities to gain and impart legal wisdom. The UNH Law library supports both teaching and scholarship.


UNH Law values diverse opinions, backgrounds, and perspectives that come from diversity of national origin, race, gender and culture. This enrichment within the classroom and the UNH Law community is core to the educational experience.

Global Perspective

UNH Law is committed to a global perspective in the education of its students. It is equally committed to maintaining a robust community of foreign students so that they and its US students can learn from each other.

Respect and Professionalism

UNH Law recognizes the importance of individual excellence and personal accountability. Its success depends on working collaboratively and treating everyone with respect. Dignity and respect are critical to successful leadership and professional relationships.